Friday, 28 May 2010

End of year evaluation

The film is finished, it’s done and dusted, the but the amount of work that had to be done in the final few weeks was epic and I’m glad Relentless cans are on sell down in the cafe, without those magnificent bad boy drinks, especially the berry one, I wouldn’t have been able to stay up late and finish Job hunting.

While animating on my film i bought two books to help me along the way, one was Drawn to life by Walt Stanchfield and Don Hahn and the other one was Character Animation Crash Course! By Eric Goldberg .Looking back now that my course work is completed I’ve learnt a heck load of new skills throw flash, using texturing layer and placing the alpha levels down, this year I mainly animated frame by frame instead of motion tween. I also worked with Scott Lewis this year whole provide me with five backgrounds and mike Morgan from my last year’s film created the sound effects and music. One thing that I will stress to myself again and again now is organising my work and to stay on schedule because over the Easter a small group of us had the opportunity to go visit Volda in Norway for acting in animation master class, I fell two weeks behind due to this but it was worth it. This trip was amazing, the amount of knowledge Robert Bennett (the acting lecture) pass on to us will never be forgotten and will always be applied to my animation. The most enjoyable part making this film was working with Scott making the back grounds, and while in Norway I had a few hours spare to work in our hotel room with Leon Dexter constantly giving me feedback while working on the fire fighters scene.

Looking back at the film I would have used a lot more camera moves and close ups on the characters faces to catch the expressions and I feel that the film is a little long. It would have been great if I could have used a lot more textures in flash and to experiment them in the way Chowder uses them. Again stressing about time keeping would try and stick to the schedule as much as I can compare to this year.

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