Thursday, 20 May 2010

final major the last week!!!!!

its come to the last week of animating and as i would have expected from myself im behind in my productions, this was due the the ash cloud, myself, ken, James, toke and the two leons were out there on an acting and animating course back in the Easter break we had, but due to the ash cloud we were stuck out there . . . but we got back home and same two days later and we were suppose to be, this had a huge knock on effect to my work and fell behind.

luckily i have a weeks extension and hope to finish this film by Wednesday and with only 8 scenes to colour its looking promising

by the way my blog did have previous post of roughs from my film but they need to be taken down for the glammies


  1. Do not refer to me as one of the two Leon's... and you have untill wednesday? Don't you mean Friday?

  2. lucky butt, my week ended today :( (dont want it to end) still got wednesday though :D